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We receive the highest quality supplies from our partners at great discounts that we pass onto our clients.

Our diagnostics suppliers

Magbio ngms


MagBio Genomics develops and commercializes magnetic bead-based kits for nucleic acid isolation & purification as well as products that allow integrity of bio-samples at room temperature.

MAGBIO website Biosampling & Ambient StabilizationDNA & RNA Isolation Library PreparationTarget Enrichment & Mutation Detection

Abacus Diagnostics

Rapid near patient molecular testing for clinical diagnostics.

Abacus website Abacus productsAbacus literature


Using epigenetics, Epimune develops & commercializes molecular diagnostic tests for immune cell quantification from a drop of blood.

Epimune website Epimune productsEpimune applications


Multiplex syndromic PCR with internal control in every well. Now you know the reagent performance in every well.

Anatolia kits Anatolia products

Our research products

Assay Genie

ElisaGenie supplies ELISA kits for the research industry. Their product range include Multiplex ELISA, InCell ELISA and Biosimilar ELISA kits.

Coming soon: InCell ELISA.

ELISAGenie websiteMultiplex ELISA premixed panelsELISAGenie supersetTherapeutic antibodies Biosimilar ELISA


Suppliers of Promega Biotechnology and Molecular Solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa except Kenya and South Africa.
Please contact one of sales team at customer_care@ngms.co.za for more information.

Promega websiteCell biologyHuman identificationMolecular diagnositcs Nucleic acid analysisProtein analysis


Metabion provides his customers with high quality DNA- and RNA-Oligos. Please contact one of sales team at customer_care@ngms.co.za for more information on how to get these quality Oligos delivered to your lab.

Metabion websiteDNA custom oligosRNA custom oligosSpecial projects & solutions Proteomics
NGMS - NextGen Molecular Suplies Logo TM

NextGen Molecular supplies Laboratory Plastics

Our range of laboratory plastics includes pipette tips, 1.5ml tubes, 5ml tubes, Plates for various PCR and QPCR cyclers.

NGMS Products

MGI Tech

MGI Tech Co., Ltd. (referred to as MGI) is committed to building core tools and technology to lead life science through intelligent innovation. With a focus on R&D, production and sales of DNA sequencing instruments, reagents, and related products.

MGI websiteApplications forensic genomicsPopulation genomics


Biosan philosophy is a developer and manufacturer of modern exciting personal products. For sample; preparation in the field of genomics, proteomics and cellomics.

Biosan websiteBio processingMolecular diagnosticsImmuno diagnostics


Biotium is a leading life science reagent manufacturer and supplier devoted to providing high-quality and innovative fluorescent tools that fuel scientific discovery.

Biotium websiteNucleic acid gel stainsAccublue & accuclear dsdna quantitation kitsProtein detection & analysis PCR DNA amplificationCell viability apoptosisFlow cytometry reagentsLuciferase assaysMicrobiology

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