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Our Partners/Products

We receive the highest quality supplies from our partners at great discounts that we pass onto our clients.

Our diagnostics suppliers

Abacus Diagnostics

Rapid near patient molecular testing for clinical diagnostics.

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Amplex Diagnostics GMBH

Molecular Diagnostics made eazy!
eazyplex® combines the robust isothermal amplification with efficient real-time detection! The eazyplex® test system is a CE IVD marked freeze dried amplification reaction, which is ready to use.

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PathoFinder offers a range of panel assays for syndrome-based molecular diagnostics of infectious diseases.

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Using epigenetics, Epimune develops & commercializes molecular diagnostic tests for immune cell quantification from a drop of blood.

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Multiplex syndromic PCR with internal control in every well. Now you know the reagent performance in every well.

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Our research products

Elisa Genie

ElisaGenie supplies ELISA kits for the research industry. Their product range include Multiplex ELISA, InCell ELISA and Biosimilar ELISA kits.

Coming soon: InCell ELISA.

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NextGen Molecular supplies Laboratory Plastics

Our range of laboratory plastics includes pipette tips, 1.5ml tubes, 5ml tubes, Plates for various PCR and QPCR cyclers.

NGMS Products

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